Choreographed work that was awarded with Sazka Award 2005. The choreographers utilize the contemporary language of computer technology with music, lighting design and video projections into this new work. The performance is about the deep abyss between two people, living and breathing next to each other – in close proximity. The main inspiration is relative to time and space and the absurd harmony inhabiting human existence. The body and soul, together with art, becomes the expression of feelings and sentiments.

Choreografie / Choreography: Veronika Knytlová, Tereza Ondrová. Tančí / Performing: Veronika Knytlová / Petra Brabcová, Tereza Ondrová. Hudba / Music: Tomáš Procházka. Světla / Lights: Pavel Kotlík. Podpořili / With Support: divadlo Ponec, Tanec Praha, Nadace HAMU a Dance Perfect (Lenka Ottová).