A dance performance about a woman among cowboys in an empty prairie of the Wild West.

An inspiration for this performance was a prairie landscape around a motel in Utah. Desolation, emptiness, now and then a cowboy, horse or cow.

In realising the performance, the choreographer Halka Je Třešňáková fulfils a dream from her childhood when she loved cowboy stories.

How to run away from being constantly checked on and supervised by the dangerous surroundings? The only escape lies in consuming a narcotic. In the character of the Heroine, two distinct positions are gradually revealed. One thick-skinned and full of strength that needs to be presented to the outside world. And another one, feminine and submitting to the impulses of the world.

The basic inspiration for Heroin West come from very particular images well-known from westerns, taken to a physical extreme by the authors: square dance in a crowded saloon, pulling the gun, chewing the tobacco, working the colt at the waist, horse riding, wearing a hat. A woman´s lewdness, subtlety, seductiveness mingles with her defensive agressions in the macho´s world of the Wild West. Vulgarity and seediness are an important motif in the dancer´s basic expression, contrasting with her inner feeling. The plasticity and suppleness of the body in moments of surrender stands in opposition to a sharp turn to alertness upon taking note of an invisible enemy. The dancer is joined by a horse and a mysterious man. Ondřej Skala is an unexpected surprise with his guitar and uncompromising performance.


Halka Třešňáková
Actress, performer, choreographer and a leading personality of the Czech alternative theatre scene. A graduate of HAMU´s Department of Pantomime, she co-authored and performed in Professor Ctibor Turba´s renowned “Hanging Man” (1997). She started out in the theatre Alfred ve dvoře, she has been active in Roxy/NoD, MeetFactory, National Theatre´s New Scene as well as Vosto5 Theatre. She has worked with numerous theatre ensembles as kinetic advisor and choreographer and co-authored a range of projects with world´s major artists. Together with several other female artists, she has founded the international democratic theatre cabinet Secondhand Women. She is also involved in feature films and documentaries as well as in the political satire series Kancelář Blaník (Blaník Office).



photos by: Maximilien Van Daele, Stanica Žilina