Czech Theater  DNA Award 2016


Dance Piece of the Year Prize 2014 / Theater News Prize 2014 / Best Light Design 2014

Imagine a world where you can’t progress despite your best efforts to push forward.Award winning contemporary dance company VerTeDance have created a beautifully poignant piece about our lack of freedom, reclusion and our power to make decisions. The cast weaves around their own shadows whilst a live modern minimalist soundtrack by Clarinet Factory builds a fluid tension.

Reflexes, slants and curvatures; pushing off, tipping and falling – every imbalance is corrected and brought back to equilibrium. With theatrics, choreographic moments and subtle humor, Correction shows that the attainment of freedom often goes hand in hand with loss. But above all, it shows that lack of freedom to decide can also result in comfort, relief, familiarity and devotion – even happiness.

“A truly elevating piece of dance-theatre, in everyway, that might even change the way you see the world.”
Duska RadosavljevicExeunt magazine

“A perfect portrayal of humanity…”
Stuart Wilson, Edinburgh Fringe Reviews

“Rich and vivid, full of humour and urban elegance”
Lucy Ribchester, Fest Magazine


Directed by: Jiří Havelka
Choreography and dance: Veronika Knytlová / Marta Trpišovská, Tereza Ondrová / Soňa Ferienčíková, Martina Hajdyla Lacová / Helena Arenbergerová, Karolína Hejnová / Sára Arnsteinová, Petr Opavský / Michael Vodenka, Robo Nižník, Jaro Ondruš / Rado Piovarči
Costume and Scene Design: Dáda Němeček
Light Design: Katarína Ďuricová
Music: Clarinet Factory live
Produced by: VerTeDance o.s.
Supported by: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Foundation Život umělce, METROSTAV a.s., Tanec Praha NGO / Ponec – The Dance Venue, Čtyři dny o.s. and ALT@RT o.s.



20140313_0916CORRECTION 1



(…)„Each detail, each tiny gag provokes a reaction from the public. This is conceptual arts in an exceptionally communicative form… The experimental torture Jiří Havelka has put the seven dancers through is coherent with trends that currently thrive on European scenes.”

Nina Vangeli, 3. 3. 2014, Divadelní noviny

(…) The dynamics of the choreography increases and grows from the static beginning. The dancers show up as figures standing alone, but gradually entangle in interaction, which develops and escalates. A look, a touch, an attack. It is as if they were getting to know their power, their ability to influence, their ability to put out of balance (literally) and their ability to provide support. The first part is especially magical, as the dancers slowly reveal themselves as enormous metronomes, and discover how variably they can use a simple impulse. As some primitive depiction of solidarity, the scene of giving a banana is also impressive. (…)

There are no warders nor manipulated, everyone is obedient under the force, which has tiedthem from the outside and keeps status quo, the same way it keeps society with its ideologies. Everyone is aware of the external restrictions, still if one tries to throw off the shackles, someone else will immediately want to stop him, inevitably a battle will begin. Is it not similar to an individual trying to break social taboos? Although the situation is somewhat funny, owing to expressions and looks of the interprets, which reflects all sorts of emotions such as surprise, curiosity, waiting, so grotesque in context of this absurd situation, the undertone is somewhat more serious. The audience is laughing, but ridiculing themselves a little bit as well.

Lucia Kocourková, Opera Plus


Jiří Havelka

Jiří Havelka is director, author and actor who is living and working mainly in Prague. In 2003 he graduated from the Directing alternative and puppet theatre program in Jan Schmid’s atelier at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU). Therefore not surprisingly, he focuses in his theatrical artwork on group improvisation as a method of conceiving unique original performances. His plays often balance between drama and alternative, even physical or art theatre. In the beginning he was engaged chiefly with Studio Ypsilon in Prague, where he conceived a number of thematically connected original pieces, together with generationally similar part of the ensemble. The most publicly acclaimed plays included a retro ride into the childhood “1203 aneb není mi smutno (2002)”, followed by a theatre play about theatre “Drama v kostce” (2005 – nominated for the Theatre newspaper award) and an experimental (in terms of time) “Kam vítr tam plášť” (2008 nominated for the Theatre Newspaper award in the Alternative theatre category), which brought windsurfing on the scene.

In 2008 he received the Alfred Radok award in the Talent Of The Year category.

He also directed several international projects including Czech-German coproduction “EXIT 89” (2008), concert show of British The Tiger Lilies “Zde jsem člověkem! /Here I am Human!” for Archa theatre.

He is a core member of the Vosto5 group, which has long-termed brought elements to the Czech scene such as pure improvisation, word juggling, persiflage and mystification of, above all, Czech national topics, recently in an acrobatic martial-arts-physical show “Pérák. Na jméně nezáleží. Rozhodují činy” (2011).

In 2013 he created an acclaimed show “Poslední Trik Georgese Meliése” in the DRAK theatre that is focused on the children audience and then the Czech-German probe “Dechovka” with his domestic group Vosto5, both ranked top positions in the enquiry “Show Of The Year”. He is also engaged in dance theatre, e.g. site – specific project with the VerTeDance company “Naučená bezmocnost” and a freely based sequel for the Ponec theatre “Korekce” (2014).

With his DAMU’s school year, he created a minimalistic emotional therapy “Regulace intimity” (2014) for the Disk theatre. Occasionally he can be seen presenting cultural programmes for Czech Television, and he also performed in few movies.


Clarinet Factory

An exceptional clarinet quartet considered to be one of the most unique local ensembles to feature on the Czech scene over the past twenty years. Their style hovers between contemporary and classical music, jazz and world music, however also features electronic and multi-genre projects.

“Imagine a music workshop or laboratory, spiced up with some clarinet art, classic musical training, a touch of world music, jazz and minimalism. You then supply the desire to improvise, purchase the latest electronics and technology, invite along some interesting guests and start exploring, creating and, above all, communicating with your listeners. The environment you have created generates space for your own particular genre to flourish; a style which certainly has something in common with crossover as a term, but which is better expressed as ‘music without borders,’” describe Clarinet Factory their interesting musical concept.

Clarinet Factory have also composed film music as well as compositions for theatre and dance performances (latest cooperation with VerTeDance – CORRECTION won the most prestigious Czech award in the field of contemporary dance: Dance Piece of the Year award – 2014; Herald Angel Award 2015, Audience Award at BE FESTIVAL 2015, Mess Festival Award 2015, Total Theatre Award 2015 nomination).

Clarinet Factory released a new CD MEADOWS in March 2017 (